The History of Broken Stone

The story behind the Broken Stone label is that when my father first acquired the farm in 1957, he was clearing some bush at a boundary, and uncovered a large stone which had fallen over, and which did not appear to belong there.

After re-erecting it and clearing off the dirt he found the inscription WCG 1751 on it. Many years later it came to the attention of Professor Vos, Historical Archaeologist of the University of Stellenbosch, who did some scratching and decided that the CG stood for Christoffel Groenewald, the first owner of the farm, that the W was added some time later after his death as it is somewhat crowded and in a different font and stood for Weduwee (widow), and that the date was probably the date that the stones were erected as they did not correspond exactly to the date that the farm was first promulgated.

Three more stones were found over the years. One had been broken off and removed to a neighbouring farm,. And one had been defaced. The two survivors were brought to the cellar for safekeeping.

With this range it is intended to make wines for earlier accessibility and of a more modern style.

broken stone